Our Expertise

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Product Development

The route from initial requirements to delivery of a manufactured product can be a tricky one, and usually requires a high level of communication and a dedicated team. This is what we do. Past and present projects include: toys with printed sensors, artificial intelligence and electromechanical locomotion; fuel dispensing; time - temperature monitoring of perishable goods; tracking; reduction of domestic energy consumption; solar concentration for hybrid electrical/thermal/electrolysis; off-grid lighting & heating; environmental conditioning (temperature and humidity); physical data protection and innovative display technologies.

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Comprehensive modelling, prototyping and testing is essential to the creation of a product fit for purpose. We use a mixture of virtual modelling and simulation, additive and subtractive rapid prototyping, and production manufacturing processes to establish full functional and aesthetic performance.

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We design to CE, WEEE and ROHS guidelines. Products we manufacture are certified, a client may wish to undertake certification themselves, or request us to do it.

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For the production of high value, high technology products we combine a mixture of outsourced parts manufacturing and in-house fabrication and assembly. This has resulted in a number of positive long standing relationships with suppliers and parts manufacturers, enabling us to utilise specialist manufacturers cost effectively whilst managing technologically sensitive parts and ensuring quality. Where we do not manufacture a product ourselves we work within the given manufacturing constraints a client may require, and suitable third party manufacturers.

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We offer after-sales service and repair so customers can feel secure that product will continue to do what it was purchased for; year after year. This can be a reactive or scheduled arrangement depending on customer requirements.

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We work with product end-of -life consideration as part of the initial design specification. With this built in from the outset the options become plentiful, be it design for re-use or recycling. We employ a number of design rules; to reduce energy use, volume and mass, and facilitate easy material separation.